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This course will not only teach you how to program in Python but I will also show you how to teach it effectively to your students. We look at a variety of teaching techniques you can easily use in your own classroom and I also make sure you are secure in your Python knowledge so you can confidently teach key stage 3 and GCSE pupils. You also get exclusive access to a friendly Facebook group where you can chat about your progress and get help if you need to. This course costs just £150, half the price of my 2-day training courses and it covers so much more content. Start your journey to better Python programming lessons today.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course

    • Downloading Python

    • Getting Help

  • 2

    The Basics

    • The Shell Window

    • Input And Output

    • Data Types

    • Variables And Constants

    • Common Mistakes Pupils Make

    • Recapping The Basics

    • The Basics Quiz

  • 3

    Programming Constructs

  • 4

    Teaching Techniques

    • Mistakes Teachers Make

    • Live Coding and Predictive Questions

    • Type What They Say

    • Paired Programming

    • Sabotage

    • Rubber Duck Debugging

    • Three Before Me

    • PRIMM

    • Teaching Techniques Recap

    • Teaching Techniques Quiz

  • 5

    Useful Bits And Bobs

    • Random Things

    • Maths

    • Time

    • Strings

    • ASCII

    • Useful Bits and Bobs Recap

    • Useful Bits and Bobs Quiz

  • 6

    Data Structures

    • Tuples

    • Lists

    • Dictionaries

    • 2D Lists

    • Data Structures Recap

    • Data Structures Quiz

  • 7


    • Subprograms

    • Passing Multiple Variables

    • Subprograms Recap

    • Subprograms Quiz

  • 8

    Good Programming Practice

    • Good Programming Practice

    • Good Programming Practice Quiz

  • 9

    Key Stage 3 Scheme Of Work

    • Key Stage 3 Scheme Of Work

    • Key Stage 3 Assessment

  • 10

    Using External Files

    • Text Files

    • CSV Files

    • Downloading DB Browser

    • Setting Up An SQL Database In DB Browser

    • Manipulating Data In An SQL Database

    • Interrogating An SQL Database

    • External Files Recap

    • External Files Quiz

  • 11

    Preparing Pupils For Large Programming Challenges

    • How To Prepare Your Pupils For A Large Programming Project

    • The Final Challenge

  • 12

    The Big Quiz!

    • The Big Quiz!

What teachers say

Read testimonials from teachers who have completed the "Teach Python Programming With Confidence" training course.

Absolutly brilliant

J. Papa

Absolutly brilliant, thank you. An excellent course, and has helped in how I'll teach Python and improve the skills of the students

Thank you

L. Crozier

This course has massively improved my confidence. I would strongly recommend this course to all who struggle with Python. Thank you.

So helpful

G. Lewis

Brilliant course. So helpful. Many thanks :)

Would recommend

L. O'Callaghen

Good resources, good techniques, good content, would recommend.