Discover The Secrets Of Successful Python Lessons

Join the 100s of teachers who have revolutionised their Python teaching with easy to implement techniques and ready to use challenges.

  • Does your heart sink when a pupil raises their hand to ask a question?

  • Do you find it hard to create truly engaging lessons?

  • Are your pupils stagnating instead of making progress?

How is this course different to the rest?

The Teach Python Programming with Confidence video masterclass puts you and your teaching at the heart of the learning. 

This course teaches you all the programming techniques you need from the very basics to being able to complete GCSE projects. You’ll learn how to program from a teacher with programming industry experience, who knows how programmers think and can help you unlock the secrets of successful programming.

You’ll explore some easy to use, stimulating techniques you can implement in your classroom and which you can adapt to your own teaching style and your students’ varying abilities.

As you solve the programming challenges your confidence in the subject grows and you build a library of resources to use in your own lessons.

  • Discover how you can genuinely enjoy teaching Python programming by adapting the techniques to meet your personal teaching style

  • A proven way of scaffolding together topics that helps your pupils progress quickly and really understand the key skills

  • Over 100 ready-to-use programming challenges you can use in your classroom that allow you to assess progress and embed new skills

5 star rating

Teach Python Programming With Confidence Masterclass

Jan Corboy

A really worthwhile course, with lots of resources. Easy to dip in and out of the course and fit it in to a busy schedule.

A really worthwhile course, with lots of resources. Easy to dip in and out of the course and fit it in to a busy schedule.

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5 star rating

Best Python course I've ever done

Jo Maik

This course is excellent. I have done other Python courses both online and in person but this is the best by far and I wish I had done this one 3 years ago w...

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This course is excellent. I have done other Python courses both online and in person but this is the best by far and I wish I had done this one 3 years ago when I first started teaching Python. Nichola explains the concepts clearly and the notes are well written and I still use them now. This will make such a difference to the way I teach Python in my classroom. Thank you Nichola, I recommend anyone who needs to teach Python to do this course. It is the best one I've been on.

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How does the online training work?

Work through the training at your own pace to fit around your own busy schedule. Watch the videos, read the course notes and solve the programming challenges.

You also have access to an exclusive Facebook group with other teachers. You can chat about your progress and get help with any of the challenges you are stuck on. I will be regularly visiting the group to offer help and advice and answer your questions.  

People often ask me “How long will this course take to complete?”  That’s a difficult one as it depends how much time per week you can dedicate to it. 

Sorry, but I can’t tell you how long it will take you to complete it but I can tell you what’s involved.

This course contains:

  • Over 50 videos totalling nearly 6 hours of instruction that you have lifetime access to
  • It also includes over 100 practical python challenges for you to complete along with
  • 9 online quizzes and
  • a mock programming project to complete
  • There are also over 150 pages of notes which you can print out and keep and refer to time and time again.

All this for only £150

Payment options

You can either make a single one-time payment for £150 or if it makes it easier, you can split the payment over 6 months, paying just £25 per month.

Click on the relevant option below:

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course

    • Downloading Python

    • Getting Help

  • 2

    The Basics

    • The Shell Window

    • Input And Output

    • Data Types

    • Variables And Constants

    • Common Mistakes Pupils Make

    • Recapping The Basics

    • The Basics Quiz

  • 3

    Programming Constructs

  • 4

    Teaching Techniques

    • Mistakes Teachers Make

    • Live Coding and Predictive Questions

    • Type What They Say

    • Paired Programming

    • Sabotage

    • Rubber Duck Debugging

    • Three Before Me

    • PRIMM

    • Teaching Techniques Recap

    • Teaching Techniques Quiz

  • 5

    Useful Bits And Bobs

    • Random Things

    • Maths

    • Time

    • Strings

    • ASCII

    • Useful Bits and Bobs Recap

    • Useful Bits and Bobs Quiz

  • 6

    Data Structures

    • Tuples

    • Lists

    • Dictionaries

    • 2D Lists

    • Data Structures Recap

    • Data Structures Quiz

  • 7


    • Subprograms

    • Passing Multiple Variables

    • Subprograms Recap

    • Subprograms Quiz

  • 8

    Good Programming Practice

    • Good Programming Practice

    • Good Programming Practice Quiz

  • 9

    Key Stage 3 Scheme Of Work

    • Key Stage 3 Scheme Of Work

    • Key Stage 3 Assessment

  • 10

    Using External Files

    • Text Files

    • CSV Files

    • Downloading DB Browser

    • Setting Up An SQL Database In DB Browser

    • Manipulating Data In An SQL Database

    • Interrogating An SQL Database

    • External Files Recap

    • External Files Quiz

  • 11

    Preparing Pupils For Large Programming Challenges

    • How To Prepare Your Pupils For A Large Programming Project

    • The Final Challenge

  • 12

    The Big Quiz!

    • The Big Quiz!

  • 13

    FREE Bonus Resources!

    • Download Your Free Bonus Resources

    • Computational Thinking Escape Room

    • 11 Ready To Use KS3 Python Lessons

    • KS3 Written Python Assessment

    • Python Practical Assessment

    • 8 Ready To Use GCSE Python Lessons

What teachers say

Read testimonials from teachers who have completed the "Teach Python Programming With Confidence" training course.

Thank you

L. Crozier

This course has massively improved my confidence. I would strongly recommend this course to all who struggle with Python. Thank you.

So helpful

G. Lewis

Brilliant course. So helpful. Many thanks :)

Would recommend

L. O'Callaghen

Good resources, good techniques, good content, would recommend.


When you join the “Teach Python Programming With Confidence” video training course, not only will you get all the video training, over 100 programming challenges you can use in your classroom, a KS3 Scheme of work and mock assessment task but you will also get these brilliant bonus gifts absolutely free!

  • A copy of my very popular “Drifting in Space” Computational Thinking Escape Room game worth £5
  • 11 ready to use Python lesson for Key Stage 3 which is worth £31.50
  • An end of Key Stage 3 Written Assessment including answers worth £3.50
  • A Python Practical assessment tasks which can be used either at the end of KS3 or at the start of GCSE to assess their current skills worth £3.50
  • 8 Ready to use GCSE Python lessons worth £24.50

These resources would normally cost you over £65.00 but they are yours when you buy the “Teach Python Programming With Confidence” video training course.

Join today and enjoy teaching Python programming

When a teacher is secure in their subject knowledge and knows how to teach it well, their pupils benefit too

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My number 1 priority at Nichola Wilkin Ltd is your happiness and I stand by my training courses 100%. If you are not happy with the course and have not viewed more than 40% of the content you can claim a full refund with no ifs and no buts.

Simply reach out to me at within 7-days of purchase and I’ll be happy to help you.

This is my personal guarantee to you.